Brisbane Valley Security Services is a locally owned business in the Somerset Regional area.  As a local business, we pride ourselves on using local fully trained Queensland Accredited Security Officers.


We are able to personalise our customer’s requirements, while keeping our professional standards high.  This gives our customer’s piece of mind knowing that their security is of a high level in trust, dedication, and professionalism and integrity.


Brisbane Valley Security has been operating since December 2007 and we have grown considerably, expanding our range of security services.  We are morally dedicated to providing professional services with professionally trained Security Officers, varying in degrees of qualifications to allow for diversity.


Brisbane Valley Security use local staff that know the area & the people.  We have two patrol cars on the road covering the entire Somerset & Lockyer Valley Regions.


  • Our Guards wear body cams for added safety & Security

  • We leave calling cards in doors/padlocks

  • Provide security warning signs & stickers to act as a deterrent

  • Provide incident reports

  • All Staff are direct employees of Brisbane Valley Security

  • All staff have relevant licensing & training

  • Service available 24/7


Within our region we have been able to supply our clients in areas such as:


  • Mobile Patrols

  • Casual Holiday Patrols

  • Site Security

  • Crowd Control

  • Static Guards

  • Bodyguard/Staff Escorts

  • Building Site Security

  • Client Banking

  • Alarm Response

  • Welfare checks

  • Loan worker

  • K9 Handlers